Christina & Cheonho - San Francisco Wedding

We loved being around this couple! Christina and Cheonho are two very unique people. They are both wonderful musicians and have great appreciation for art. It was special for us to witness and document the day of their wedding in El Cerrito, California.


We are very happy to announce that, after much consideration and a lot of hard work, our iDropphoto brand has emerged into what you see now - Emik Nikora Wedding Photographers. Functionally, there aren’t many changes made - our business still consists of both of us - Yana and I, and we still photograph weddings together. In the first few years in photography we had the privilege to explore and experiment with many things. And as growth and development happened, we came to a very clear conclusion that the main reason why we do what we do is the pursuit of authenticity and honesty in creating art. For this very reason, it was only logical to create a brand that would reflect on that and focus our attention on the pursuit of Fine Art portraiture and weddings.
In this regard, we are thrilled to welcome you all to our new website! Feel free to browse around, or leave us a note.